Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Me me me me me me me

I have not blogged in a while! So, I apologize to my loyal multitude of avid followers. I have a few things on my mind right now to share with you:

1. I am going to Africa this summer and my heart is overjoyed. I have never been out of the country, and my entire summer will revolve around this week and a half trip. I really want the right attitude as I go to serve the people of Gabon. Short term trips get a lot of crap, but I think God can work through whatever he wants. I have a fear/excitement of God calling me into full time missions. Just throwing that out there.

2. I think I am a complainer. I have a billion first world problems. Just a preview of the ridiculousness:

  • I HATE buffering. Hate it. So frustrating.
  • Now that I have bangs I can't shower at night or my bangs stick out. (Darn 50$ hair cut!)
  • After lunch every day I am super full and tired and I just want to sleep.
  • I don't like studying.
  • The internet is a huge distraction.
  • I hate unpacking, and I still haven't unpacked from Fall Break.
  • Sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep cause the light from the street lights seeps through my blinds.
I am embarrassed at how fast those all came to my mind! I am sure that is not even all! Just an honest observation of myself. I should be great at those because I realized that I think about myself all the time. It is just sickening.

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