Monday, June 21, 2010

So I'm sitting here on my porch, and I am very sweaty. My co-counselor/sandwich delivery woman is doing who-knows-what all around camp. I am running circles around my porch. Well, I was. I ran for a while, then I did 50 situps. Then I did 65 lunges (which are harder than you think!) Then I ran some more and did a 2 minute wall sit. I am getting quite the workout! I'm not sure what is motivating me, but hey, whatever it is, I hope it keeps on motivating!

Today I swam in the New Life Camp pool. That pool is such a blessing. We prayed for that thing so hard! God is good. It is super awesome. I got a little burned, but it was worth it, and maybe it'll turn into tan? We shall see!

I realized a huge problem. I am a server person. I am a Martha. Yes, I work at camp, and yes, I believe that God wants me here to serve Him. The problem is that I am getting so caught up in all the work and all my jobs and making sure I have just enough time to do them all so that I can hang out with people I want to hang out with later. I am not being selfish about my relationship with Christ, and it is hurting me. In my actions I see myself as a good person who is helping God. I am helping God? Am I crazy? Yeah, probably. Every BREATH I take is from Him...

Toooo the dining hall :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

deflecting the blame

Oh, Adam and Eve, you really blew it.

(Don't you wish we could blame it all on them?)

Monday, June 14, 2010

oh brother..

So today during ultimate elimination, this TobyMac song started playing. Here are the lyrics. I hope they make you laugh! Oh, I changed the color on some of my "favorite" lines :)

Rock, rock 
Give me that rock 
That hip, that rock 
Give me that funky 

Yo stick it in red 
We got the cred 
No need to say what's already been said 
Don't need to please 
When we got the proof 
We be on our knees 
When we raise the roof 
'Cause we got the 
Wow pow mix of flavor 
We got the funky Jesus blazer 
No equal 
Diverse people 
Come get it now 
Won't be a sequel 

None of that mumbo jumbo 
Give me that hip hop funk soul 
Give me that funky Jesus music 
Give me that soulful gumbo 

Give me that funky 
Funky Jesus Music 
Give me that hip, that rock, that funky soul 
Give me that juicy flow 
Give me that funky 
Funky Jesus Music 
Give me that hip, that rock, that funky soul 
And watch this party grow 
Let's go 

Look at them freaks, they fashion loud 
Makin' that hotness, movin' that crowd 
Bumpin' that jump with a life injection 
Sweet to the ears like the candy section 
Hits to the eyes 
Feels so fly 
Fashion that just won't subside 
We got this winner's ball 
So check it out 
Gonna' watch 'em fall 
We're goin' back 
We're goin' way back 

From coast to coast 
This is the most 
We got beats and rhymes 
And aftershows 
We got funky people on the highs and lows 
MC's like Wiggy they call us pros 
So, sure shot, I could take stock 
of this 
I'll play the post in the b-boy bliss 
See, we bum rush with no discussion 
A red hot show with freak production 

Saturday, June 12, 2010


C.S Lewis is so wise. I just randomly picked up The Weight of Glory and I want to read it. I hope that I can find time this summer! I guess I'll just have to become one of those obnoxious reader people :) A few years ago I would just walk around reading books. Thanks to skype, texting, cars, and such I don't read quite as often. I must return to my old self!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am really looking forward to orientation week! I love this staff and I am so excited about hanging out with them all week :)

I need to be smart and strong.