Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today was a good day. It was fun fun. Fufufufufufufu fun facts! <-STUCK IN MY HEAD! Dangerous song. I have nothing enlightening to say, and this may be my most boring blog post EVER, but I must go make some rice. I am very hungry.

"If you give me some bowls then maybe I can help you."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This is an awesome picture that needs to be shared with the world. So here world. Take a moment to let the awesomeness soak in.


Saturday, May 9, 2009


Summer is surprising me. I had an unconventional start to my summer with Rebecca coming to stay with us. It was fun. We weren't at my house much, and we stayed up late and woke up late. We went bowling with the Allstar team (that I am not on) yesterday. I think I pulled a muscle in my neck when I was bowling with the 16 pound ball. I also kicked the 6 pound ball. It didn't hurt, but the people in the next lane were worried about me :] I think I hit some pins too! I went to Amy Grace's recital yesterday and she was awesome. The theme of the recital is books. Her class's book is Eloise. It is a cute dance

The other day I got the hiccups. I was all the way in the far end of the house and all I had was a mostly empty water bottle. I decided to drink it upside down. That usually works for me. I kept turning farther and father upside down because there wasn't much water left. Then, all of the sudden, the water went straight into my mouth and straight out my nose. The bright side? It got rid of my hiccups!

Today I went to the gym with my mom. It should be illegal for giant men to wear skin tight workout clothes. SKIN TIGHT I TELL YOU! Grossness.

This weekend I am going to my grandparents house for Madres Day. I come back late Sunday. It should be grand. Right now I am going to watch Shelby and Georgia's AAU game and then my brother's. I have to go pack which I am dreading, BUT I MUST!

farewell :]

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

walking on sunshine

Today was a momentous day. It was the last day of classes. I still have anatomy, but that is due by next next Friday, so I can take my sweet time. I feel free. I feel like a butterfly that emerged from its cocoon. I feel like a baby chick that just hatched, and is excited, but does not know what to do except fluff around and cheep for joy!

What I do this summer is in the hands of God right this moment. I guess it always is, but it takes the uncertain to make me realize that. Whatever happens I can be certain that there is a reason. Nothing is more freeing than that.

Something concerns me: my engagement. As officiated by Facebook, I am engaged to Tim Roberts. I did not want to change my relationship status to protect myself from being bombarded with notifications from curious Facebookers. So far I have had one message from one of my mom's friends, and a call to my mother from Mrs. Carlson who was worried that someone had hacked into my Facebook and troubled by my use of the term "butt head" (what I really wrote was butte head. If you don't know what a butte is, google it. I guess there was pun intended, but blame Andrew for the crass play on words.) Emma Carlson also asked me three times how Tim was. I said that he was fine. Two mothers and Emma are concerned about my relationship. I guess no one expects me to be serious, or they don't care who Tim Roberts is. They could at least pretend...


PS: My picture signifies summer :]

Saturday, May 2, 2009

LISTS - gotta love em!

-Blurred vision
-Extra time :]
-Essay first? Shocker

Today everyone thought I was lost but I was taking the SAT...

People I saw at the SAT (they didn't all see me):
-Rachel Osterhus
-Ryan Richards
-Monica Demora

Things that make me happy these days:
-Kris Allen -pause to watch video here-
- <-this video
-Lie to Me
-Converses (getting some soon!)
-Green green grass
-Rolling the windows down in the car (and the sunroof!)
-Taking pictures
-The Mitford Series
-When it rained :]
-Saying things in Spanish that no one understands (probably not even a Spanish person :p)