Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Lately my life has felt very scattered. It is like I am in a whirlwind and just trying to get the next thing done just in time! Ironically this has nothing to do with the amount of time I have, but more to do with the amount of focus I have. Here is a list of areas that I would like to be different and more organized:

1. Studying God's word every day.
2. Exercising at least 3 times a week.
3. Getting my reading and homework done before the last minute.
4. Cleaning our room and bathroom more often.
5. Getting involved in a club or non-church activity on campus.
6. Getting all of my support letters out.

To extrapolate on support letters, I am going to Gabon, Africa this summer! I am extremely excited to get to learn about the culture and see what God is doing through the C&MA church is doing there. Please pray that I am humbled and given perspective, and that somehow, in my short time there, God will be able to use me to have a great impact on the people of Gabon.

Sending out support letters is something that I despise. I would rather go door to door. Even better, I would rather raise money without feeling like I am begging. However, this is what I have to do because I haven't thought of any better way, and I need the money pretty soon to be able to put down deposits. If you are reading this, I may be sending you a support letter. Don't hate me :) Also, I may not send you a support letter. If this is you, but you would still like to support me, I will love you forever. My email address is If you email me I can either give you my information or go ahead and send you a support letter. Also, if you want to follow our trip, our blog is Right now it is the most boring blog in existence, but I promise it will get more interesting. Especially if you support me ;)