Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 oh so joyous things not

1. I am never gonna finish this paper
2. I just had a bajillion cavities filled.
3. Apparently I have abnormally deep grooves in my molars.
4. I can only move half of my face.
5. I have to give an oral report in psychology today.
6. I smell a bad smell.
7. I found out it's bacon.
8. I'm tired.
9. My hair looks bad.
10. I am never gonna finish my Wed. school.

Good thing its over in 2 weeks :]

Thursday, April 23, 2009


One lovely day a girl named Destiny decided to write her essay outside. She set up a nice place on her back deck to work. The pansies next to her were practically begging to be photographed, so she could not resist. As she pondered the beauty of the day she noticed a cute fluffy caterpillar inching his way along the back porch. She recalled how her sister had not seen a caterpillar yet this spring. Her sister loved caterpillars (this one was especially cute) , so Destiny decided to show her sister the caterpillar later. You see her sister was at ballet class. Destiny was home alone. After about 45 minutes of essay writing the girl decided to go get some sunglasses. Her eyes were watering and she had to squint. Plus the glasses made her look cool. The girl got up and headed towards the door hoping that the bottom of her new socks would not become yellow from pollen. These socks were a gift from her friend who had recently vacationed in Korea. As she walked she heard a loud POP! Destiny took a few steps before her slightly slow brain registered that she must have stepped on something. She did not feel anything though. She glanced down at her already traveled path and saw something dreadful: a deflated caterpillar with greeninsh red goo oozing out from the side of his head.

This girl was me and being a calertpillar murderer was my Destiny. RIP little fuzzy wuzzy. I wont show you to my sister now. She might cry

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

all i ever write about is american idol

(inspired by Things Fall Apart)

Does nothing fit like the proverbial glove?
Maybe we don't all aim for love
For once piece to fit the other makes room
By banishing others to hopeless doom
As a bonfire lighter in a violent shower
Do we blindly attempt to mend with our power
What do we miss in our groping attempt?
Life changing love where no one's exempt

I know nothing about poems. Don't judge me! :]

Saturday, April 11, 2009

we have so much

First off, right now i feel like the room is spinning. It's really weird. I hope I'm not dying.

This weekend we went to visit my grandfather. Last Easter was the last Easter with my grandmother. We knew she didn't have long so we went to my grandparents small farm church on Easter Sunday. I remember she wore a light blue dress. My mom and I went shopping with her for that dress. She bought it for my cousins wedding and it was her fancy dress. It took us forever because she was allergic to polyester. By the way, almost every dress is polyester, but we found on that was linen. She died the next month. It was earlier than was predicted, but it was her time. Her funeral was well attended. Anyway, that is why we went.

When we got there Friday night the weather was beautiful. My grandfather lives on a farm in a the small township known as Farm Life. No joke. This weekend is the herring festival in "downtown" Jamesville. My grandfather said there would be much "goin's on". He also said we didn't have to dress up because, "they wont be dressed up, I mean they'll be dressed, but not dressed up." Thanks papa. -the shamwow guy is so annoying- So the herring festival was the smallest festival I have ever been to. There was a band playing, and onthe three couple were dancing. My grandfather was included. As we walked down to the Cypress Grill, Christopher whispered, "I feel RICH!" I did feel like we stood out a little. Now the Cypress Grill is opened only during herring season. It is a shack with screened windows and bathrooms that double as storage for mops and other cleaning supplies. Apparently the Cypress Grill is historic and such, but nevertheless it is like a cabin at camp. That was definitely the "highlight" of our visit.
In defense of the festival, it is supposed to be less lame on Easter Monday.

On the way home we stopped by my moms parents house. My great grandmother had one of those things that they have on those commercials where you can hear across the room or hear when you are playing bingo. You know they hear people say, "Wow I would kill for a body like hers!" as they walk along the beach. Yeah, really only half deaf people like my grandmother use them. We had sandwiches, went on a walk, and other boring thing like that. After that, in the car, Amy Grace played 20 questions. (not the game with people, but the the little electronic game) Her object was a mole. Not the animal, the thing on your skin. It was gros because it kept asking questions like, "Does it have a hard outer shell?" or "Do you play with it?" It was disgusting.

Now I must go decide what to wear for EASTER! HE IS RISEN! (tomorrow :])

Thanks for reading this nonsense,

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So I did it! I chopped all of my hair off! And I like it, so I am very glad. As the haircut lady was washing my hair I was praying that she would have a good haircut day. Apparently she did. The only pain is that I am going to have to get a new default hair besides a pony tail. bummerrr.

My American Idol update:

-Megan is gone!! She needed to go. She was unique, but in the words of Will Fellow, "She sounds like Kermit the Frog!"
-Scott. Oh Scott. He needs to go. To me he sounds like a 7 year old. This week he actually did well and I was kinda bummed cause I want him to go. I know he is blind. Don't judge me.
-Now Anoop I used to like, but lately he hasn't been capturing my heart. He so thinks he is G, but he is not. He's decent though.
-Lil Rounds has a great voice, but she just got so BORING! She used to be all feisty, but not anymore! Her HAIR is even less feisty. She needs to sing Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce or something FUN.
-I like Danny, but he just doesn't ever move me. Even when he does well I just don't LOVE it.
-Allison Iraheta is awesome. She doesn't get enough credit. This week they judged her outfit (understandably) but never got around to the fact that her vocal performance was great!
-Adam Lambert is crazy. He is the one that stays on for a long time because they are weird, but he is actually GOOD! No Sanjayas this year! I loved his Play that Funky Music White Boy for some reason :]
-Matt Giraud is amazing! He stinks at picking songs though. For instance, Lets Get It On was AWESOME, but then he picked You Found Me. I mean what was that? I voted anyway :]
-Kris Allen is married. He is also my favorite. He makes me happy every week. The end.

Lady Gaga performed last night. Lady Gaga is a weirdo. Look at the guy when the song changes to the regular song they play on the radio. I DIED WHEN I WATCHED THIS! Sorry I don't know how to put one in here without it being downloaded.


By the way, I started watching Lie To Me, and I am hooked. Except Eli lied which made me very sad. I was disappointed in him..

Thanks for reading this nonsense :]