Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yes, I am Avoiding Homework.

My word! Why does the solarium have to be so relaxing! I almost fell asleep in a public place... the good thing is that is looked down upon almost everywhere except on a college campus. If you saw someone sleeping in a Starbucks you would think, "Man they are in public they need to wake up!". However, if you saw someone sleeping in a coffee shop onnn campus you would think, "They look comfortable and happy. I wish they did not take that couch cause it is the most comfy sleeping couch." Except the thing is that I actually have notmycouchaphobia which is the scientific term for being afraid that couches are full of nasty things that might get on me.. couches have so many crevices! Therefore I would rather fall asleep in this hard noncrevicey chair with my head on this hard noncrevicey table than a couch that I don't trust.

Another thing I have been meaning to discuss is the temperature of the showers in Coltrane. They are two temperatures: arctic and boiling your skin off. It is quite pleasant. That is all I have to say on the subject. Also I have been pondering the thought of making hair wallpaper for the people that put their hair all over the shower walls. Lets see how they like THAT. Just rinse it down the DRAIN people!

Thanksgiving break
Thanksgiving break
Thanksgiving break

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