Monday, November 1, 2010

I do not mean for the post to make it sound like I hate college and am doing terribly and cry every night because that would be a lie. I like it here, I know lots of people, it's pretty, I am doing well in my classes, and occasionally I think: "I am really having a great time!" So with all that said..

I miss:
- Food made by my mom.
- Upward basketball
- Teaching kids
- Having a place to go and just be alone for a littttle while
- Having a place to go where I know everything and everyone
- Storm
- My own bathroom (Knowing that the hair stuck to the walls is either mine or Amy Grace's..)
- Knowing where I am and how to get to things (stupid bamboo road. that's all i have to say.)
- Diet COKE
- Classes taught by awesome people (Aaron, Nissa, Ansley, etc)
- The co clan
- My mom's camera
- Places to shop
- Being able to drive
- And people. I miss people a lot.

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