Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So I have had lots of headaches lately, and it took me until today to realize that it is probably because I mostly drink Diet Pepsi and I barely ever drink water. HOWEVER, there is a good reason for that.

The good reason is that someone keeps puking in our water fountain. The other day I was taking some pills (Yes, I'm on drugs. No I really am not.) and I put them in my mouth right as I was approaching the water fountain, only to discover it was clogged with nasty gunk which looked very pukey! Then, I just swallowed the pills without water. Which I learned is TERRIBLE. Lauren was like, "OH MY GOSH YOU TOOK THEM WITHOUT WATER!" I said I do it all the time, but apparently one time Lauren took pills without water and burned her esophagus and couldn't eat for a week. Then I started being very scared and quickly drank out of her handy water bottle (pictured below). It was then that I realized what a huge problem our lack of fresh water was...

So last night we went on a search for fresh water. It wasn't hard because all the floors have water fountains. We randomly picked the 5th floor and stole some of their water and put it in Lauren's handy water bottle (pictured below). We made some friends... they were a little.. different. But they were very nice and we played spoons with them, thanked them for the water, and left.

All this to say, I am going to start drinking more water. :)

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