Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Look, I'm super excited about college! Well, it hasn't completely sunk in that I'm really leaving for good. It is gonna be super fun though :)

I turned my New Life Camp name tag in this summer. I have never turned that thing in because I always needed it during the year too! I got my name tag in my sophomore year I think because I helped out with YRAP. Then I also sort of used it for upward. It's not that I love wearing that thing; it's that it is a sold reminder of how I am leaving. I started thinking about upward too. I have done upward at New Life Camp since 5th grade! There has been no New Life Camp upward without me since 2002/03. I will miss that place, but I will definitely visit. I promised some kids on my Kindergarten team that I would!

This post is not very good, but I will post it anyway! haha

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