Saturday, February 6, 2010

Christopher wanted me to talk about him more on my blog... so this is dedicated to him.

I used to be an only child; then he came along. One time I said, "I wish Christopher was never born!" to my mom. Well, I didn't know that was bad, but I got in hugeee trouble. Then we became friends because we moved to Georgia and lived in this crappy house that had squirrels living in it. We only had old neighbors, so no friends.. We came up with this game called the hugging game. You rolled two dice, and whatever it landed on, we would give each other that many hugs. We were bored. Really bored. Also, I taught him how to do jumping jacks and we played pictionary a lot. Then, FINALLY, we moved to another house. At this house Christopher played on a hockey team. By hockey team, I mean him and two other neighbors would skate around the culdesac. Somehow they actually convinced him it was legit.. One time he got really upset cause he was kicked off the team! Then we moved here and he was really annoying. Maybe because we were homeschooled and spent all the time together. I used to get in trouble for saying I hated him. Then he went to public school, and we became better friends. Now he is still in public school, and we are pretty good friends. He calls me weird all the time, but it is really to hide his own insecurity (HA. HA.) Anyway, here you go buddy! haha

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