Sunday, July 12, 2009

I haven't blogged in probably million zillion years. Some things are just more fun than blogging, and those are things that I have been doing. As most of you know (whoever reads this stuff, you never know!) I have been working at New Life Camp this summer. Time has FLOWN by. I feel like it was just last week that Arianna, Andrew, Anna, and I spent the whole day cleaning the Lambs. That was the very first day of this whole camp thing! Since then I have been a counselor in the Courage, Angels, Miracle, and Fire. I have had four different and awesome co-counselors! I skipped orientation week. Well I mean I skipped it in my summer narration. I was totally there. If I wasn't, that's news to me! Before all of this was orientation week. I loved orientation week. I really got to know everyone else on staff, and I really learned a lot. I have great memories of late night frisbee license and figuring our who was getting married. I think I married the most people I've ever married during orientation week! The food was good too. I liked it :] The only problem was that everywhere was sooo cold!

Here is an overview of my typical camp week:

-Move all of my stuff to another cabin
-Explain what an immediate family member is
-Watch the rules video and hope that someone laughs
-Decide on a dumb prop that somehow fits with my jobs
-Play dodge ball and lose, probably

-Wake up at 5:40
-Staff meeting at 6:30
-Drink coffee
-Gazebo time! Maybe some Jedi fights while we're at it..
-Listen to some missionary speaker
-Lead kickball or cross country relay
-Teach Prayer and Bible Drill with Andrew and Elizabeth. The bomb.
-Explain how to play Ultimate Elimination
-GO-CARS with Andrew and Pocahontas. Maybe Stephen. This involves more tree climbing that you would think, and more British people...
-Early supper then serving hot dogs. Delishhh..not
- Capture the Treasure=running around camp deciphering clues, hiding, running from pirates, find boxes
-Maybe some sleep?? Maybe?

How about I stop there. My days are so BUSY! I'm not sure all seven would even fit on here...Except Saturday which consists of sleeping, packing, washing clothes, and maybe watching movies at ghetto theaters.

This next week I am going to be on service staff. Which basically means the same stuff plus toilets and dishes and minus campers. That doesn't sound so fun, but I'm sure it will be! In fact, I am excited! Plus BeckyLee is my roomie which makes everything awesomer. Next Sunday I will be going on a mission trip to West Virginia with my youth group. I really wanted to go before. Now I just want to stay at camp. Is this bad? Not wanting to go on a mission trip? Well, maybe. So pray that I will be able to serve the West Virginians selflessly. When I come back I will be a huddle leader at daycamp! Yay Caterpillars!!! Arianna, Andrew, and I will be Caterpillars. Poor Arianna. Haha. I am so looking forward to that.

Right now I am skipping out on church. Now I know this is a bad thing. My family is gone to the TSA meet, so I planned on going to church with someone. Then I couldn't decide who to go with. It's not that I didn't want to go with anyone. It's that I didn't want to go with someone that didn't want me to go with them. Plus, I didn't know..oh I just didn't know what to do. I still don't cause here I am typing away like a HEATHEN!

I am so hungry right now,

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