Saturday, June 6, 2009


So this past week was early week. I was a counselor for early week and it was so FUN :] I loved my cabin. The girls were all so good, and they all had great things to add during cabin devotions. The only thing that really wasn't fun was go-"cars" the first day. Too many kids came, and we didn't know what to do! Then the go-karts kept turning off. That was kinda good, cause it made some kids leave..It's more fun for everyone when the line doesn't wrap around the course. So many fantastic things happened. I could write a short novel about this week. However, I have other things to do, so just believe me.

List of funny stuff:

-Gazebo with Daryl
-This is so much fun
-The Carlson's gutter mouths
-Daryl's feet
-John, the most beautiful man in the world
-and lots of other stufff