Saturday, April 11, 2009

we have so much

First off, right now i feel like the room is spinning. It's really weird. I hope I'm not dying.

This weekend we went to visit my grandfather. Last Easter was the last Easter with my grandmother. We knew she didn't have long so we went to my grandparents small farm church on Easter Sunday. I remember she wore a light blue dress. My mom and I went shopping with her for that dress. She bought it for my cousins wedding and it was her fancy dress. It took us forever because she was allergic to polyester. By the way, almost every dress is polyester, but we found on that was linen. She died the next month. It was earlier than was predicted, but it was her time. Her funeral was well attended. Anyway, that is why we went.

When we got there Friday night the weather was beautiful. My grandfather lives on a farm in a the small township known as Farm Life. No joke. This weekend is the herring festival in "downtown" Jamesville. My grandfather said there would be much "goin's on". He also said we didn't have to dress up because, "they wont be dressed up, I mean they'll be dressed, but not dressed up." Thanks papa. -the shamwow guy is so annoying- So the herring festival was the smallest festival I have ever been to. There was a band playing, and onthe three couple were dancing. My grandfather was included. As we walked down to the Cypress Grill, Christopher whispered, "I feel RICH!" I did feel like we stood out a little. Now the Cypress Grill is opened only during herring season. It is a shack with screened windows and bathrooms that double as storage for mops and other cleaning supplies. Apparently the Cypress Grill is historic and such, but nevertheless it is like a cabin at camp. That was definitely the "highlight" of our visit.
In defense of the festival, it is supposed to be less lame on Easter Monday.

On the way home we stopped by my moms parents house. My great grandmother had one of those things that they have on those commercials where you can hear across the room or hear when you are playing bingo. You know they hear people say, "Wow I would kill for a body like hers!" as they walk along the beach. Yeah, really only half deaf people like my grandmother use them. We had sandwiches, went on a walk, and other boring thing like that. After that, in the car, Amy Grace played 20 questions. (not the game with people, but the the little electronic game) Her object was a mole. Not the animal, the thing on your skin. It was gros because it kept asking questions like, "Does it have a hard outer shell?" or "Do you play with it?" It was disgusting.

Now I must go decide what to wear for EASTER! HE IS RISEN! (tomorrow :])

Thanks for reading this nonsense,

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