Thursday, April 2, 2009


So I did it! I chopped all of my hair off! And I like it, so I am very glad. As the haircut lady was washing my hair I was praying that she would have a good haircut day. Apparently she did. The only pain is that I am going to have to get a new default hair besides a pony tail. bummerrr.

My American Idol update:

-Megan is gone!! She needed to go. She was unique, but in the words of Will Fellow, "She sounds like Kermit the Frog!"
-Scott. Oh Scott. He needs to go. To me he sounds like a 7 year old. This week he actually did well and I was kinda bummed cause I want him to go. I know he is blind. Don't judge me.
-Now Anoop I used to like, but lately he hasn't been capturing my heart. He so thinks he is G, but he is not. He's decent though.
-Lil Rounds has a great voice, but she just got so BORING! She used to be all feisty, but not anymore! Her HAIR is even less feisty. She needs to sing Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce or something FUN.
-I like Danny, but he just doesn't ever move me. Even when he does well I just don't LOVE it.
-Allison Iraheta is awesome. She doesn't get enough credit. This week they judged her outfit (understandably) but never got around to the fact that her vocal performance was great!
-Adam Lambert is crazy. He is the one that stays on for a long time because they are weird, but he is actually GOOD! No Sanjayas this year! I loved his Play that Funky Music White Boy for some reason :]
-Matt Giraud is amazing! He stinks at picking songs though. For instance, Lets Get It On was AWESOME, but then he picked You Found Me. I mean what was that? I voted anyway :]
-Kris Allen is married. He is also my favorite. He makes me happy every week. The end.

Lady Gaga performed last night. Lady Gaga is a weirdo. Look at the guy when the song changes to the regular song they play on the radio. I DIED WHEN I WATCHED THIS! Sorry I don't know how to put one in here without it being downloaded.

By the way, I started watching Lie To Me, and I am hooked. Except Eli lied which made me very sad. I was disappointed in him..

Thanks for reading this nonsense :]


  1. courtney,
    i like your american idol post. i dont like adam though. i liked it when you said "kris is married though." :) hehe