Thursday, April 23, 2009


One lovely day a girl named Destiny decided to write her essay outside. She set up a nice place on her back deck to work. The pansies next to her were practically begging to be photographed, so she could not resist. As she pondered the beauty of the day she noticed a cute fluffy caterpillar inching his way along the back porch. She recalled how her sister had not seen a caterpillar yet this spring. Her sister loved caterpillars (this one was especially cute) , so Destiny decided to show her sister the caterpillar later. You see her sister was at ballet class. Destiny was home alone. After about 45 minutes of essay writing the girl decided to go get some sunglasses. Her eyes were watering and she had to squint. Plus the glasses made her look cool. The girl got up and headed towards the door hoping that the bottom of her new socks would not become yellow from pollen. These socks were a gift from her friend who had recently vacationed in Korea. As she walked she heard a loud POP! Destiny took a few steps before her slightly slow brain registered that she must have stepped on something. She did not feel anything though. She glanced down at her already traveled path and saw something dreadful: a deflated caterpillar with greeninsh red goo oozing out from the side of his head.

This girl was me and being a calertpillar murderer was my Destiny. RIP little fuzzy wuzzy. I wont show you to my sister now. She might cry


  1. bahaha courtney i love reading your blog!

  2. hhhhhhhhhhhaahhahahahaha courtney, you step on too many animals.

    first the snail... then the pillar. meany animal hater.

  3. it was sad how loud it popped. i mean i thought i had cracked a stick in half! and thanks you rebecca :]

  4. Courtney. Being a Caterpillar myself, I am shocked at your carelessness. You, who I thought was my friend. You, who I thought was a true Caterpillar, have turned out to be nothing but one who murders their own kind. How soon we forget where we came from. I don't even know who you are anymore.