Tuesday, March 15, 2011

remembering and waiting

I do a whole lot of remembering and waiting. I love to daydream about lovely memories. You know how sometimes there is a time of your life when everything is going right and you have such a sense of purpose and happiness? Well I love thinking about them. I love talking about them. It also makes me miss them, and I just want to relive those moments.

I also love to think about the future. I can't travel backwards, but I can travel forwards and there are bound to be more top of the world times in my future. I love thinking about the next exciting thing, the next break, the next year, being married, and having kids. I'm telling you, it's addictive. Today I even thought about what I want to do when I am an old lady!

I just wonder if I am missing out on now. When I look back to now will I wish that I could travel back? When I am living as if I have to get through these few days/ weeks/ or years until I'm happy can I ever be really happy? And how do I get myself to appreciate the happiness of now? These are the things I wonder.

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