Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Time is a very annoying thing to me. When I am at home I don't realize it as much, but in Boone time becomes my life. Sometimes I have too little time and I am scrambling to get places on time without forgetting something important. Sometimes I have too much time and I try to do my every day tasks as slowly as possible. Having too much time seems like a good thing, but it really makes you feel purposeless when you are walking as slow and as far out of your way as possible so that you wont be too early to class. In both cases my mind is stuck on being efficient in the time that I have. I am either trying to figure out the fastest or the slowest ways to do things. I hope some day I will be able to manage my time without thinking about it so very often! I am looking forward to the day when time does not affect me and I have an infinite amount, but I will never be bored! :)

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