Friday, August 10, 2012

Stickers vs. People

Today I was staring out the window and mindlessly peeling the label off of a box I got 5 years ago. I was wondering why I didn't finish peeling it off 5 years ago. I was also wondering why I felt the urge to peel it off now. Then I realized that my life could end at any time. If my life had ended then, my last accomplishment would be peeling the label off of an old box. I don't use my time wisely. When I have an extra 30 minutes I usually take some time to stare at the wall or peel the paint off of something old. Thinking about this made me think of what I should actually be doing with my time: packing for college. A horrible thing. If I used all my extra 30 minutes to do things like pack for college I would be really productive! However, I don't think I would want my last accomplishment to be packing for college either. That is almost more useless than peeling off a label. At least someone else gets a box with no sticky label. I guess that's why people are so important. We last. My life needs to be focused on other people. That's one thing that God made pretty clear, and I don't do it very well. Time to ask Jesus to change that...

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