Monday, October 11, 2010


I worry about lots of things. My mind is constantly weighing the pros and cons of everything that I do so that I wont mess up or regret doing or not doing something. It is pretty stressful... Part of this is that I am pretty sure I weigh God's and other people's acceptance of me on whether I am doing the right thing. First of all, God sees Jesus when He looks at me which is like, incredible. Cause I suck, but Jesus is AWESOME and PERFECT. Another problem is that I definitely put too much worth in what other people think of me. Don't we all? Everyone's life struggle: defined.

Worry is pretty dumb when you think about it because it doesn't change anything. Also, everything I worry about losing, I could really lose. Friends, family, grades, respect, money, fun, comfort, health, etc. None of those things are stable. No wonder we worry about them. The hard part is realizing that if I lost all those things, I would still have Christ and I would be okay. THAT IS HARD.

Heaven, as much as I don't want to die right now, I am looking forward to you.

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