Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I haven't posted in a while, but I have been writing blog posts in my head for quite some time! So much is going on right now. So much school, so many decisions, so much finalizing, and so much change! I have been so busy! Now, that doesn't mean I have been very productive, because I haven't. Mostly, my brain is busy. Also I am not too motivated to do anything. It's bad! So here is a way for me to organize my thoughts.
By the way, that picture at the top is my brain.

My parents gave me 600 dollars towards a laptop for college for my birthday. I am so so so excited. I want a laptop sooo bad! But, I can't decide what kind. It is so confusing! Mac or PC. Dell or Lenovo or HP. And what do I want it for? School, editing, listening to music? Do I want a light one, one with a big screen, or one with tons of features? Should I add on some of my own money to get a really nice one? Will it be worth it? See. It's hard. I still have to make up my mind.

College stuff:
What do I need? Here is my list that I may add to.
-Big, warm coat
-Down comforter
-Picture frames
-Rain coat
-Ski pants

This is quite insignificant. I just want more Toms. There are lots of awesome ones. Which to pick?

Oh gosh.. I gotta go get ready for class... BOOOO! Maybe I'll return and write more stuff...

PS. read this:

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