Friday, February 27, 2009


This weekend I am going to Greensboro for a basketball tournament. Actually I should be packing right now, but I don't want too. SO THERE! Anyway, we are going to play a team from Surry County (sounds like a spice..curry). They play a full court man-to-man the whole game. That sounds over the top to me. I mean NBA teams don't even do that! Crazy. I bet they are crazy. I bet that they all have purple hair and rotting teeth. Gross. I hope they don't. I also hope we win.

I gave up facebook for lent. Lent is where you give up stuff until Easter. The only reason I am posting this probably is because I can't go on facebook. Am I addicted? I won't answer that. If I can make it to Easter I'm not. BUT I can get on on Sundays. I heard that you can do the thing you gave up on Sunday once, and I will strictly adhere to this Lenten rule. On Sundays when I think, "NO! I don't want to get on facebook!" I will still do it, because that is the rule. (<- ignore that. i'm crazy.)

Next thought: American Idol. I can't help but like it. Oh yadayadaitsriggedyadayadadanotalentyadadaonlytheauditionsaregoodyadada. Anyway, I like it. I never vote though, so maybe I should, but it's such a pain. I like Danny - good singer, thatgirlwithunnaturallyredhair - awesome singer, Adam - how does her sing like that?, Kris - can't help but like him :). Who did NOT do well it that guy that does that oh so dangerous job, and he got in over ANOOP! That's apoop. There is still the wildcard though, so there is AHOPE!

I have to go pack, and eat, and do schoolwork, so if you are reading this (probabaly no one) then bye.

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